Summer 2018 Goals


Summer 2018 Goals

This teacher is officially on summer break! The 2017-18 school year was a special one for me as a teacher. I had some the kindest students that I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching. But most of all, I finally reached a point with my teaching where I felt fulfilled by my work. Everything clicked for me this year, and I had a powerful moment where my individual purpose and goals as a teacher became crystal clear.

However, I am very much grateful for the summer break. To recharge. To not have a two hour a day commute. And most of all, to pursue some personal goals.

I am trying to keep a lot of structure and deadlines to my summer in order to make it as productive as possible. I’ll be doing Sunday check-ins to reflect on progress with each goal.

Writing Goals:

  • Query one agent per week for finished manuscript. (9 agents total)
  • Write a 60k draft of new sci-fi project (1500 words per day)
  • Enter Pitch Wars (August 27-29)

Reading Goals:

  • Read one physical book, one audiobook, and one graphic novel per week.

Teaching Goals:

  • I am taking a course on “Having Hard Conversations” for professional development. This should help me as I go into my second year as the Cultural Proficiency Liaison at my school.

Fitness Goals:

  • Attend four exercise classes per week (Body Pump, Barre, Yoga, Body Sculpt).

30582403_10104292164499915_2551495175536902144_nWedding Goals:

  • I got engaged in April. (At a castle in Portugal to my favorite person in the whole wide world! Yay!) My main goal for this summer is to choose a wedding venue and set a date.

Definitely feel like these goals are ambitious when they are all written out. Yikes! But I’m super happy with where I am right now, and excited about where I’m headed.

Anyone else setting summer reading or writing goals? Let’s keep each other on track!


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