Summer 2020

It’s been about two years since I utilized my blog platform. This summer is going to be quiet and largely spent at home, and I need structure to be productive. Blogging was a structure that I thrived in for years and one that I’d love to jump back into. I’ll be shifting my focus a bit, though I still plan to center my posts on YA and MG books.

Here are my personal projects over the next 8 weeks:

  • Supporting a staff summer reading program focused on diverse books (both YA and MG)
  • Listening to and reflecting on the podcast Teaching While White
  • Advocating for a more diverse English curriculum in public schools
  • Writing Act 2 of novel-in-progress (a sci-fi cooking mystery about the power of food to bridge cultural gaps)

What my posts will look like this summer:

  • Reviews of YA and MG books I’m reading
  • Reflections on teaching and my own cultural awareness
  • Actions we need to take as educators towards a more diverse curriculum that decenters whiteness
  • Writing check-ins

Until my next post, I highly recommend you check out this panel from the Gaithersburg Book Festival about diverse books:

How Diverse Stories Can Open Minds & Change the World

I hope your summer is off to a good start! Stay safe and well!


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