The Loud Silence of Francine Green by Karen Cushman

Surprisingly enjoyed this book. Had to read it for a grad class. Loved the voice and style initially, but then after I’d read some of the other selections for class, the voice didn’t stand out as much.

Francine is a young teenage girl growing up during the 1950’s. She is obsessed with movie stars and likes to read. She meets the outgoing and outrageous Sophie and experiences her first best friend. She attends an all-girl Catholic school in Los Angeles where she keeps quiet and stays out of trouble with the evil Sister Basil. However, the nation is frightened and paranoid about communists and the atomic bomb. Francine is trying to figure out the truth in a confusing world where not even the adults around her know what the truth is.

My only criticism for this book is today’s teens might not have enough background to understand and relate to Francine. I can’t see any of my students getting into this book. Though, I do think my mom would love it… My favorite chapter is the one towards the beginning about paper dolls. 🙂

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