Awesome Day :)

I am having a fantabulous day, but first let me review Wintergirls and then I’ll tell you all about my day’s loveliness.

Eighteen year-old Lia battles her eating disorder and tries to come to grips with feeling guilty for her best friend’s death. Mature subject matter includes: eating disorders, depression, self-mutilation, drugs and alcohol, death, and ghosts.
My Review
There are certain topics and subject matter that I try to avoid in books/literature. This book pretty much had every single topic that disturbs me. I had heard buzz about this book before I read it, but then discovered what it was about and said, “I’m not reading that!” Then it was on the reading list for my grad school class, and I couldn’t avoid it. Do I regret reading it? Yeah. I hate the images I now have in my head and it is without a doubt the most depressing and darkest book that I have ever read. HOWEVER, the author is an amazing writer, and the things she does in this book (writing techniques/use of language, etc.) takes the reader on an astounding journey into the mind of a girl with an eating disorder. This is not a book you’ll want to read, but is a book that will change the way you look at eating disorders and mental illness. Is it important that this book got written? Yes. Definitely. But it is a very difficult read.
My Fabulous Day
On a lighter note, I have a had a lovely day! I was expecting to be dead tired and needing a nap about now because I was up until 2:30 am. After finishing my homework about Wintergirls, I was totally creeped out by the ghost scenes in the book and needed to dilute my mind before going to bed. (I have a very active imagination when it comes to creepy stuff and nightmares are pretty much guaranteed when my brain is on that track.) So I pulled out my laptop since I have no TV, and I didn’t bring any DVDs, so I browsed Hulu for recent junky TV, and stumbled across the Bachelorette… And after two hours of ridiculous romance, I was ready to have nice dreams instead of scary ones.
So while I should be exhausted right now, I’m not! After having a lively and engaging discussion in class about Wintergirls, we moved on to writing. My teacher told me she was so mad last night because she read my story and I left her with a cliff-hangar ending. She wanted to know what happened “after the lights went out.” She’s been saying how dark my piece is and told me I needed a hopeful ending. (Though my work is nowhere near as dark as Wintergirls. Not even within the same hemisphere.)
Our assignment today was to decide on a symbol that would reappear throughout our novel, and then write a scene where that symbol appears. I went outside to brainstorm and then was giddy when I came back in, and told her, “I’m going to write a mushy love scene.” Which definitely got her curiosity up because there has not even been the hint of romance. So she let me read first, and it was really fun. I got good feedback, applause, etc. My symbol is the blue color of a boy’s eyes and the blue color changes in meaning for the main character over the course of the book. I love the idea, and it fell into place beautifully.
After class I went to a student reading (grad students reading their work aloud to an audience). My favorite story was one about a genie, hamster, and a plastic pool full of spit. It was hilarious!
Then on my way to Panera, I discovered I had a parking ticket. Which stinks, but I’m going to contest it. I was parked in visitor parking near the library, but there aren’t any signs that say you can’t park there if you have a permit. I had only parked there yesterday because I had to run into the library when is was pouring rain, but I made sure not to park in the 30 minute only spaces. Then I forgot I left my car there and just walked back to my dorm instead of driving back. Grrr… I’ve decided I’m not going to contest it today because I’m in a very good mood and not a fiesty mood. I’ll go by the office tomorrow.
Today, I’m going to work on a PowerPoint on series books for children, or maybe write for a bit. I don’t have a lot of homework for class tomorrow since we’re doing picture books (which is probably a good thing since I’m sure I’ll pass out early tonight after I lose my energy high.

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