In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak


This picture book is about a boy named Mickey who hears noises downstairs in the night, and goes on an adventure to help three chefs get milk for their cake.
This book is highly controversial because there is frontal male nudity in the pictures. Mickey loses his clothes when he falls into the night kitchen. I think this part was kind of unnecessary, but hey, it was Maurice Sendak, illustrating genius. The book is very pretty and detailed. The story is rather silly. It was interesting to see that there are some very clear allusions to WWII. From the Jewish star in a thing of salt, to the chefs having Hitler mustaches, to Mickey getting put in an oven, and Mickey flying a patriotic airplane. There is definitely some deep allusions to WWII embedded in the illustrations.
This book is my professor’s favorite Sendak book, but I have to say mine is still Chicken Soup with Rice. 🙂

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