The Universals of Creative Genius

This morning on CBS Sunday Morning, there was a segment on Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist) that I really enjoyed.  He’s a far more traditional and normal guy than his reputation makes him out to be.

And while watching this piece, they spoke a bit about his creative process.  He spoke of the hard work, but also how guitar riffs would just come out of his fingers.

In reading bio pieces and watching interviews, I’ve come to notice three absolutes about creative greats (whether music, art, writing, design, etc.).

  1. The passion, the calling, creating your art is unavoidable.
  2. The process and the way in which great ideas come to your mind is mystifying.  They appear, they feel right, and you don’t know quite where they came from.
  3. Hard work.  The true greats spend the hours it takes to get to the top.
I really find creativity fascinating in any form.  Whether music, art, or writing, the process of how your brain creates something from nothing is awe inspiring to me.  đź™‚
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