Moon Over Manifest and Typewriters

Boo.  No writing was done today.  Instead I read over 70 pages of Moon Over Manifest of which I have an assignment due Monday at 9am for my online class.

Here’s a favorite quote so far:

“The Manifest Herald newspaper office was about centered on Main Street and we walked into a holy mess.  Newspapers were stacked two and three feet tall.  A typewriter sat on a cluttered desk, its keys splayed open with some scattered on the desk like it tried to spell explosion and the explosion happened.”  (Page 14)

I sort of have a romantic thing for typewriters.  As you can see by the prints over my desk.

I’ve never typed on one.  I recently saw a gorgeous, black, very antique-looking and relatively small typewriter for sale at a vintage store by me for $95 and was very tempted to purchase it.  As decoration?  I don’t even know.  But it’s driving me crazy that I could go back and it won’t be there.

I need to read 70 pages a day in order to finish MoM by Saturday night.  Wish me luck!

3 comments on “Moon Over Manifest and Typewriters

  1. LOL I actually used to have to do reports on them…at least in elementary school 😀 They aren't that fun to type on LOLAnd I wanted to comment back to you about the owl locket from the OA giveaway 😀 I found it on etsy – I just did a search for owl pendants and found TONS of gorgeous necklaces. It was very hard not buying a dozen of them for my self LOL (I do have several on my Christmas wish list though…soooo cute!)

  2. LHughes says:

    Thank you so much for posting on where to find those owl pendants! I love etsy!

  3. Ghost Reader says:

    I love the typewriter prints you have! They are awesome! I have the same sort of affinity towards typewriters. Yes, I want one. Will I ever write a novel on it? I don't know. Maybe? But somehow that doesn't seem all that relevant in a weird way…

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