Resolution: Week 1

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My New Year’s Resolution was to write.  Preferably for a novel, but any creative writing will suffice.  I must have my butt in my chair behind my desk for two hours each night and write.  The time frame I set up was from 6-8pm Monday through Friday.

Week One Results:
Did I write all five days for two hours? YES
Word count for the week = 3,242 words

What I Learned This Week:

  1. Even on the days I wrote total crap and was totally braindead exhausted, I was glad afterwards that I stuck with it.
  2. I hadn’t done enough prep work for my novel in the areas of secondary characters and world-building.  I got a little stuck halfway through the week, but then decided to use my two hours to do character bios and setting sketches.  Still progress on my novel.  Still typing.  Still words.  And it’s more than I would have done had I not made this resolution.
  3. I’m going to run late sometimes.  Three of the five days I didn’t get home until after 6pm.  So instead of cutting my writing time short, I adjusted the two hour time window to 7-9pm.  I’m glad that I still kept my writing a priority, and hopefully I’ll continue to do that.
  4. The writing time is cutting into my reading time.  I thought I’d have finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone by now… and I haven’t.  Late night binge reading on the weekend might be in order.
I think that if I can make this a routine for the next three weeks, it will stick.  And while two hours sounded like an enormous chunk of time, I found that it was getting easier later in the week and the time was flying by.
I’m pretty happy I made this resolution, and I can’t wait to see how much progress I will make over the next few months.
Anyone else want to join me in writing every evening?  I swear it’s fun!

2 comments on “Resolution: Week 1

  1. Small Review says:

    Congrats on sticking to your resolution! You should be proud of yourself!I love your "what you learned" #1. Sometimes you just have to DO, even if what you produce isn't the best ever, at least you've still stuck with it and everything is a learning experience. It was fun reading about your progress. I hope you share more 🙂

  2. LHughes says:

    I'll definitely be sharing every week because it will help hold me accountable for what I've set out to do :)Thanks for encouragement!

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