Book Review: Virtue by Amanda Hocking


by Amanda Hocking
Kindle Edition

Lux is sent by his evil master to retrieve a girl named Lily.  But when he meets her, his world turns upside down.  He’s never disobeyed his master before, but he can’t bring himself to deliver such an innocent, beautiful girl to a fate of torture, pain, and corruption.  It’s been a long time since Lux felt this way about a girl… it might be love.

Contains: angels, demons, witches, star-crossed love.

What I liked:
Hocking always does a nice blend of fantasy, action, and romance. She knows just how much of each to infuse to get a nice blend. Lux is handsome but dangerous. Lily is beautiful and mysterious. The world has a good blend of heartbreaking beauty and the absolutely disgusting and terrifying. It was a quick, easy stand alone read, and sometimes that’s exactly what you want (instead of a trilogy or multi-book series).

Criticism: While I liked this little fairy tale, it does not compare to her Trylle series, which I absolutely adore. (See my review of the Trylle series here.) I was able to predict most of the story, and the relationships didn’t have the same complexity and depth.

My Rating: For the $2.99 I paid, this fairy tale involving angels and demons was worth the low price.  I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads because I liked it, but won’t go raving to everyone about it.

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