Resolution: Week 2

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My New Year’s Resolution was to write. Preferably for a novel, but any creative writing will suffice. I must have my butt in my chair behind my desk for two hours each night to write. The time frame I set up was from 6-8pm Monday through Friday. Weekly posts will report on my progress and keep me on track!

Week Two Results:
Did I write all five days for two hours? YES (sorta)
Word count for the week = 2514 words

What did I mean by sorta? I worked 13 hours on Friday and came home feeling achy and exhausted. So I went straight to bed and made up for the time I missed on Saturday.

What I Learned This Week:

  1. My magic word count number is 470. I’ve hit that average number of words four times. I think once I get further into the story, the word counts may get higher because I’ll know my characters better. But we’ll see.
  2. Blogging can be a distraction. I really should log out of blogger when I sit down to get started.
  3. One night, I was stuck on what to write, so I forced two characters together who I knew weren’t going to get along. Magic happened, words flowed, and what came out of it revealed a lot about who these characters are.
  4. I came up with the most glorious villain this week!  I’m really excited at how evil she’ll be, how she fits into the established plot, and how she evokes some themes that I really care about.

Anyone else want to join me in writing every evening? I swear it’s fun!

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