App I Love: Newsify

If you have an iPhone and you want a way to keep up with your Google Reader on the go, you should check out the Newsify app.  (It’s free!)

I downloaded it over the weekend, and I’m in love.  The app syncs with your Google Reader, and you can easily browse through all your subscriptions.  The layout is especially pleasing to the eye; blog posts are set up in squares with their titles, an image, and date posted.  See my screenshot below for a sample view:

I’ve been searching for a great app to read all my favorite blogs on the go, and this app has definitely done it for me.  The mobile version of Google Reader was not very friendly to the eye, and more challenging to navigate.  Newsify is pretty and easy-to-use.  Commenting on posts is still difficult, but for now I’ll read on the go, and comment at my leisure when I get home.

Anyone else use Newsify?  Or another app for reading blogs?

4 comments on “App I Love: Newsify

  1. I wonder if there's something similar for blackberrys. I would love to be able to read and comment on a post. Right now I can read them on my e-mail, but it doesn't have pictures…

  2. I haven't heard of this one before! I may have to check it out! I do wish they'd make it easier to comment from phones, though. I guess that's a blogger/iPhone issue though, rather than a google reader issue.

  3. Aylee says:

    Huh, I use Feeddler, but I'm liking the look of that screen capture for Newsify so much more! Definitely thinking I'll make the switch. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Kumar says:

    Like Aylee, I am a Feeddler (paid version) user. Used the love the simple article list in Feeddler but I had always longed for a more beautiful UI. Thanks for the recommendation, Newsify (paid) is now my default Google Reader client 😀

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