I have a Button!

I have the most thoughtful, wonderful, talented brother.

He made me a blog button and it’s perfect.

There was no badgering or bugging him at all.  In fact, I hadn’t really asked him for this.  We’d talked about other images for my blog, but not my own button.  I love him soooo much.

How was I so lucky to get two totally awesome brothers?

9 comments on “I have a Button!

  1. Caroline says:

    Hehehe – I asked him for one. I told him if he had time I'd love to have some kind of banner for your webpage so when people clicked it they'd come right here! Your brother is epically awesome!

  2. fakesteph says:

    Aaaaw! That is the sweetest!!!

  3. Aylee says:

    Oh, awesome! It is so perfect for your blog! Might I get an html code so that I can add it to my blog sidebar, as well? 🙂

  4. Small Review says:

    Awesome, and very cute! I love the little owl in the corner and the type writer letters.

  5. LHughes says:

    He told me after the fact that you asked :)He is epically awesome!!!

  6. LHughes says:

    Added the code :)I was so excited that I wasn't thinking logically… hehe

  7. LHughes says:

    The owl is my favorite part too 🙂

  8. Such a cute button! And what a nice brother you have! A friend made me one a long time ago, but I still haven't put it on my blog. I need to do that!

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