Alice in Wonderland

Today’s class was finally a little better. The first hour and a half was still just the professor rambling on and not making much sense, but then after the break, all the students started talking about Alice in Wonderland and it became a lot less boring.

If you haven’t read Alice in Wonderland and only know of the Disney version, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. Disney really slaughtered the whole mood and charming bits. The best part of the story is Alice’s thought processes. She is so funny in how she thinks about the world, and she is such a charming character. You don’t get that from either the Disney movie or the Tim Burton film. I feel like the films focus more on the world of Wonderland and its inhabitants when really its Alice’s views and interactions that made the story so wonderful. For example, at one point when Alice is growing extremely tall, she has a whole conversation with herself about how she’ll be too tall to put on her shoes and stockings. And whoever shall do that for her feet now? And she even pretends that she will have to write letters to her feet now. For if she can hardly see them, she can’t speak to them. She sounds just like a 7 year old girl, and made me laugh.

I highly recommend reading Alice in Wonderland, and I hear Through the Looking Glass is even better. I was dreading reading it, but thoroughly enjoyed it once I got started.

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