Project Dilemma

I spent two hours in the library this afternoon and cranked out over two thousand words. (For you math people, that’s 16 words per minute!) I was rollin! It felt really good, and that’s really what I came to Hollins for in the first place.

But here’s the dilemma that I technically already know the answer to. (It’s just not the answer my creative brain likes.)

What writing project do I work on?

I have this newly inspired project that I worked on today. A dark dystopian/sci-fi piece.
Standing at only 3500 words

I have my lovely original project inspired by the ocean which I let my students read the last week of school. (They loved it!)
Standing at 22,000 words

I have an exciting project inspired by Greek Mythology.
Standing at 14,000 words

Then I have a cute little fairy tale.
Standing at 9500 words

As you can see I have a problem with starting new projects. It’s lovely that I have no lack of ideas, but I need to set about finishing something. I know exactly which project I should finish. The original. It’s not that I don’t like working on it.

It’s just that each idea is one of my children and I love them all, though they’re each different and unique. But you’re making me spend time with just one and all the rest are sulking and neglected in a corner. That may be a bit melodramatic but that’s really how I feel.

I can’t hop around and write a little of each when the mood is right or inspiration strikes because I’ll honestly never finish anything that way. So I know I have to buckle down and focus on one.

I just don’t like it.

But I will. Because I’m desperate to get a draft done this summer.

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