Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Lawson

Hattie Big Sky was my favorite book so far this summer. If you want great historical fiction, you’ve got it.


In the midst of World War I, sixteen year-old Hattie Inez Brooks heads west to Montana to prove up her Uncle’s claim. She has no idea what kinds of challenges await her from farming 40 acres of land all on her own to blizzards to the Spanish influenza. While there she also witnesses the ugly side of prejudice, and stands up for what is right. Will she fall for the handsome Traft Martin or will she wait for Charlie who is fighting overseas? And finally, will she establish a home for herself and no longer be Hattie Here-and-There?
My Review

This book was a Newbery Honor and it definitely deserved it. Hattie is such a strong female character and the story is so well-knit. Every event is important to the development of the story. The format of the book is fun because the chapters start with either a letter or news article written by Hattie. Plus, I like books where the author throws huge challenges at their characters, and one after another, Hattie definitely faced some enormous challenges.

Highly recommend this book for girls! (Boys maybe not as much.)

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