Secret Garden = Adam & Eve?

I made my whole class laugh and giggle today, including my professor. We read The Secret Garden for class today and we were in the middle of discussing it. We’ve been talking about how literary critics can make up bogus connections to literature.

So I started coming up with my own bogus theory about The Secret Garden being a religious metaphor. Mary shows Colin the forbidden garden just as Eve gave Adam the forbidden apple. The robin leads Mary to the garden just like the snake/devil led Eve to the apple. Mr. Craven forbid one garden but said they were free to go in any of the other gardens just like God said they could eat from any tree except that one.
Everyone was giggling because it was pretty silly. My Professor said that’s how bad literary criticism starts.
On my 5 hour drive home, I thought about my sci-fi book, and a character popped into my head fully formed and wove himself into my plot and gave me the book’s ending. I wish I could figure out how/why that happens in my writer brain. How a character fully forms himself like that, like a real person. The subconscious brain is an amazing thing.

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