Looking For Alaska by John Green

Brief Summary

Sixteen year-old Miles Halter heads off to boarding school looking for “the Great Perhaps.” He wants to “live life to the fullest.” At Culver Creek Boarding School, he meets the sexy but screwed-up Alaska who will leave him a different person than when he arrived.
This book won the Printz Award (the teen/YA equivalent of the Newbery for Children). Definitely a well written book, but full of profanity, drugs/alcohol, and sex. Think Catcher in the Rye-esque coming of age story. I liked this better than I did Catcher in the Rye, but I’d never been a Holden Caulfield fan. I wouldn’t go around recommending this book to people because I’d be wary of what people would think of the risque subject matter, plus it’s more of a boy book. But it is exceptionally well-written and I can see why the author won the Printz for this work.
Has anyone read this year’s Printz winner, Going Bovine? It sounds sooooo strange, that I haven’t made myself go read it.

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