Establishing Routine

This is my final week before school starts back up.  And I’m using this week for three things all of which fall under one larger category: establishing routine.

My goals for this week are:

1. Get my place clean and organized.
2. Spend 1-3 hours writing every day.
3. Get up early and begin the day with exercise.

The cleaning is necessary for me to be sane.  This is the first time since June 18 that I’ve been at my place for more than 2 consecutive days.  I need to pitch, donate, and recycle.  I need to vacuum and dust.  And I want to reorganize things so that my environment is more writing focused instead of teaching focused.  I’m going to try to keep teaching at school this year.  We shall see if I accomplish that or not…

I think it’s crucial that I get into the habit of writing every day now that I’m settled back at home.  Whether it’s writing exercises from Le Guin’s Steering the Craft or working on a WIP, I need to make time to write.  By establishing that routine now, I’m hoping it will stick once school rolls around.

And exercise.  I have this plan to read on the stationary bike.  So it will serve the dual purpose of exercise and reading time.  But I’ve never been an early morning exerciser… so we’ll see how this goes…

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