Book Review: Hallowed

by Cynthia Hand
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Big Themes: Angels, Fallen Angels, Death, Parents, Destiny, Love Triangle

The second book in the series picks up where Unearthly left off.  Clara, who is half angel, is still trying to figure out her purpose and still finds herself torn between Tucker and Christian.  And the fallen angel, Samjeeza, still lurks threateningly in the background.

What I Liked:
Angel Lore Development: Cynthia Hand really fleshed out the angel mythology in this book.  We get a better sense of the angel community, angel hierarchy, their abilities, and the whole purpose thing.  So far most of it makes sense, and the logistics are “fair.”  I don’t like when a paranormal creature is portrayed in a book as nearly invincible.  The angels have definite weaknesses which makes them all the more fascinating.

Parental Bonds: There are some really powerful scenes between Clara and her mother in this book that brought me close to tears.  We also meet Clara’s dad, who is a pretty cool character.  It’s great to see teen/parent relationships in YA because too often the parents are out of the picture or the kids are orphaned.  I really felt like the parents added to the story and made me like this book more than I would have otherwise.

The Fight: Between this character and that character at the end after so-and-so dies.  When this character punches that character and gives them a bloody nose.  I don’t want to spoil anything.  But that fight was a favorite moment in the book for me!

Things I’m Still Not Sure About:
Christian Prescott: We definitely learn more about Christian in this book.  And he seems like a really supportive, nice guy.  And I’m kinda, sorta starting to like him.  But I feel like I’m being manipulated into liking him.  Whereas…

Tucker Avery: I did not get enough of you in this book.  I still adore your character.

My Rating:
Probably like 3.5 stars…  Tucker was the real reason I loved Unearthly.  I respect what Hand is doing, and she’s written one of the best love triangles I’ve seen.  I really feel Clara’s dilemma.  And the parents in this book really won me over.  And the angels were developed more.  But without Tucker… it’s not gonna make it to 4.

Another review will be out this week! Stay tuned for my review of This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer!

4 comments on “Book Review: Hallowed

  1. I was excited to read Unearthly, but now I'm not so sure, especially after recently reading Silence. I'm kind of tired of the Angel thing.

  2. fakesteph says:

    I'm planning on reding this series, but not until all the books are out. That way, if I don't love it, I can read all the spoilers on wikipedia.

  3. Another excellent review, Lauren. Sounds like a great series!

  4. Aylee says:

    I can't believe I haven't read this series yet. I have a bit of an aversion to angel books, but people really seem to respond well to this series. And seemingly everyone mentions the relationship Clara has with her mother! It sounds amazing.

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