DNF: Fever

by Lauren DeStefano
Genre: Sci-fi/Post-Apocalyptic
Themes: Escape, Prostitution, Drugs, Genetic Deformities

This is my first “Did Not Finish” (DNF) post.  I will not be finishing this book for the following reasons:

  1. I do not care about any of the characters. Supposedly Rhine is special, but I don’t see it.
  2. The challenges faced by the main character are solved too conveniently and with little effort on the main character’s part.
  3. The whole premise of the book is not plausible. Or at least, I don’t buy it. Six out of seven continents being destroyed? People dying at precise ages due to their genetic code? Absolutely no safety for women anywhere?
  4. The pacing is slow. Rhine keeps escaping to nowhere. No plans. No purpose.

I have a huge stack of books to read, and can’t stick with this bleak and violent premise to find out what happens to characters I feel nothing for.  I very rarely don’t finish a book that I both purchased and read the first 150 pages, but I literally could not force myself to pick up this book all weekend.

9 comments on “DNF: Fever

  1. Aylee says:

    Blah, I agree. Boring and riddled with plot holes and scientific inaccuracies.

  2. fakesteph says:

    I hate when that happens! Sorry you didn't enjoy it. I haven't read this one and I thought Wither was very, very bleak.

  3. LHughes says:

    So glad you agree!I always feel like there's something wrong with me if I don't like a book others are hyped about.

  4. LHughes says:

    Yeah, I'd skip it…

  5. I'm so sorry that you felt this way about this book! But I know you didn't love Wither, so it's understandable that you wouldn't want to finish Fever. And I know how it sucks to just not like a book when so many others love it, and vice versa. And you're right, the premise is just so weird and really unrealistic that it's hard to get into. And why the heck isn't there more being done for a cure??? This is my big thing about this series – it's got this huge plot about a virus killing of people at a young age and yet the first 2 books of the trilogy hardly have anyone trying to find a cure. So strange…

  6. That sucks you weren't able to finish it. And now I'm worried because it's on my tbr list D:

  7. LHughes says:

    Great point about there being this HUGE PLOT PREMISE of people dying due to a genetic virus, but then the book doesn't focus really on that.I felt like there was a similar plot concept in Cinder, with the plague, but Meyer did a great job of working it into the story better and showing that something was being done.

  8. LHughes says:

    I'll be curious what you think of it… I don't think it's a great series in terms of showing strong female characters and respecting females…

  9. So true! And, well, Cinder was just so much better of a story in my opinion. A lot more answers and a lot more suspense, too. But that's just my opinion! šŸ˜‰

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